Who is Sandi?

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Sandi L. (Torontonian)

Foodie at heart. Coffee enthusiast.
Lifestyle Blogger.

Film and television are her passion. Concerts are her escape from reality.

Mainly loves to enjoy good food and coffee while exploring the city she lives in. Deep in her wanderlust heart, her dream is to explore the world and travel to different countries to learn and experience the different cultures. She has always loved film and television since a young age and it has become her passion which led to her hobby of creating fansites for the celebrities that she admires.

An interest in web design & marketing has given her a sense of accomplishment and success, despite the countless hours spent each day perfecting. From partaking in marketing activities to creating her own non-profit campaign for charity, she has tapped into various experiences. Lastly, concerts and music are her escape from reality and her anchor to the struggles in her past.

The purpose of SANDI  ESQUE is to spread the word to young millennials on where to discover the newest or most delicious places to eat and drink. It also taps into sharing my experiences with different events, concerts and film/tv happening around the GTA.