[Food & Coffee] Alchemy Coffee

Friends and readers up North in the city, pay attention to the new brunch spot that's been booming with customers! Alchemy Coffee recently opened six months ago and has been extremely packed with eager foodies as from my recent visit. I've passed by the place several times since it's opening but never had a chance to … Continue reading [Food & Coffee] Alchemy Coffee


New Year, New Watch! Welcoming 2017 with Jord!

Happy New Year dear readers! It's time to welcome 2017 with a new start and make it into an even better year. As you can read in my previous post, 2016 was a fantastic year for myself career-wise and personally but it also brought a lot of thoughts into perspective. With that in mind, I've … Continue reading New Year, New Watch! Welcoming 2017 with Jord!