[Food & Coffee] Alchemy Coffee

Friends and readers up North in the city, pay attention to the new brunch spot that’s been booming with customers! Alchemy Coffee recently opened six months ago and has been extremely packed with eager foodies as from my recent visit. I’ve passed by the place several times since it’s opening but never had a chance to try until now. Don’t let the name fool you, but the place is more than just coffee – it has brunch items that will make your mouth water.

On my visit on a tuesday morning, the small place was packed with a line to the door. It could possibly be from the christmas holidays as it was the 27th (shortly after christmas and boxing day). I was hoping the wait wouldn’t be long, but it took me 40 minutes before I was seated. The worst part in my opinion was the customers who finished eating, but sat there at their tables to chat around. This is because you order your food/coffee at the counter and wait for it to be delivered to your table. Once you finish eating, you’re not forced to leave or anything, but it would be common courtesy to get up and give your spot to the next customers… especially when you see so many people waiting for a spot. During my 40 minute wait, I noticed 4 pairs of people who just sat there talking and didn’t move. One of the pairs was the worst as they were STILL talking after I sat down, ordered and ate my entire meal. The owners of the place should really impose a policy of some sort during busy times because it isn’t only a cafe, but considered a restaurant as well. That was a total of 8 individuals taking up probably 1/3 – 1/4 of the entire restaurant.

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When people finally left and we were seated, I quickly ordered the smoked salmon egg Benedict which also had kale and portobello mushroom. That was everything I love in one dish, so I was particularly excited for it to arrive. I also ordered a flat white and was eager to try the coffee there as well because they use pilot beans. (Pilot is one of my favourite coffee places to date). The drink arrived first in a few minutes and the food arrived in another 10- 15 minutes.

When I had my first sip of the flat white, I wasn’t quite happy. It had an extremely bitter taste and wasn’t as smooth as pilot. I would have never guessed it was made with pilot beans if I didn’t see it myself. The coffee itself wasn’t special to me, and wasn’t much to enjoy. Next time I come back, I would try the matcha latte instead and hopefully that will be much better. Not a fan of their coffee unfortunately, but there was nice latte art.

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The meal on the other hand blew my mind. The brunch was everything I expected and more. The egg Benedict was delicious, and everything had paired nicely. The smoked salmon, kale, portobello mushroom, poached egg and the muffin was perfect. There was also a side house salad with some seasoned potatoes which was a nice addition. The salad wasn’t heavenly dressed so it was fit for me.

The other dish I tried was their chicken and waffles which had 4 waffle pieces (one big waffle) and three pieces of chicken with a side house salad. The fried chicken was fried to perfection – it wasn’t too greasy or oily, the chicken was juicy and also it wasn’t heavenly seasoned. I really loved the chicken, and the waffles had a nice balance being not too crunchy but also not exactly fluffy. It was a nice balance with the savoury chicken and the neutral waffles. The dish is extremely filling, but I would order that next time!


Rate: 4/5

Overall: I was extremely happy with this little brunch spot as I loved my eggs benedict and also the chicken and waffles. The only disappointment was the coffee to my surprise, and also the lack of seating availability when it gets busy. I understand sitting and enjoying yourself and your company, but when the place is booming with business and there is a line out the door, please give yourself the courtesy to give your table to the next customers waiting. I would come back again, but if there is a line (just like this time) I probably would skip out like a few customers did. There was no idea of a waiting time which made it difficult to stay or leave, and some people had left while I was waiting in line. If I wasn’t eager to try the place, I would have probably left and ate something else around the area. Also to note, there is wifi available but it keeps disconnecting every time I use my phone, so I’m not sure how reliable it is.

Have you visited Alchemy Coffee? If you have, what did you think? If you haven’t, will you visit? Share with me on instagram (@sandiesque) or below in the comments!


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