Feel Great in 2017 with HUM Nutrition!

Happy Holidays my dear readers! With the upcoming of a new year, I’ve decided to recommend another product on how to help feel great in 2017. Thanks to HUM Nutrition, I was able to test out a few of their products before the end of the year, and loving it! Based on the quiz I completed, the nutritionist recommended 3 products for me which was the Red Carpet, Daily Cleanse, and OMG! Omega  the Great.

Ten days, later this little package was waiting for me at the door in time for the holidays! It was extremely much needed since I’ve been stressed over my CPA exam the past month(s).

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To shed some light on these adorable and vibrantly coloured bottles, they are vitamins designed by leading nutritionists to enhance and provide benefits toward your daily life. Each bottle is made with different ingredients to provide different benefits, and there are several for you to choose from, depending on your needs.


The Red Carpet is perfect to give your skin, hair, and nails the nutritional support it needs. It’s your secret beauty weapon and it was suitable for me because I needed some glowing skin and shiny hair! The ingredients used for Red Carpet is a plant based supplement made from Black Currant Seed Oil which helps with glowing skin and fuller, shinier hair. The directions to taking Red carpet were simple, you were to take 2 of them with food at any time of the day. You can view more about this particular bottle here for more information.

The Daily Cleanse is another wonderful choice for myself because it helps with skin and body detox! It benefits by helping with cleared skin and detoxing the body from toxins, which is always a plus with all that we consume and is exposed to. I particularly love the daily cleanse because of the ingredients used which includes organic green algae, detoxifying herbs, alpha lipoic acid, and cleansing materials. This bottle helps with breakouts, which is perfect as I’ve been breaking out immensely the past month! Also to note, this bottle is particularly suitable for vegans and takes 4 weeks of daily use to see any results. I’ve been using the supplement for 2 weeks so far, so I’m going to document any changes in another two weeks!

2016-12-23-10-27-09The last bottle which is OMG! Omega the Great is suited for flawless skin and a healthy body which helps you feel good. This bottle is for those like me, who wants a more even skin tone, a healthy heart, brain and body. This is well for those who live a healthy lifestyle and want to have this extra boost! The ingredient blend is more ‘fishy’ as it contains anchovies, sardines and mackerel. It’s taken like the other one where you take two at any time with food. Although this one takes a while longer for results (8 weeks), i’m 1/4 way there… can’t wait to see the difference. Read more about this bottle here for more information.

These three were chosen based on my needs and body/skin condition, so I would recommend completing the quiz for a more thorough understanding before ordering. If you have any questions, the team is extremely helpful in helping you find your perfect fit. Have you tried HUM Nutrition? If so, which supplements were you paired with and how did you like the results? Share with me on social media and also HUM’s social media (tag @humnutrition and use #startwithin).

*This is a sponsored post by Shopping Links.

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