Get your *FREE* Photobook and/or Set of Prints!

Happy Holidays my lovely readers! I’m here to bring a little holiday cheer for the season, a free 5.5″ softcover photo book and a free set of 25 prints!

Yes, you heard right…. FREE! All you have to do is pay for shipping, what a great deal?!

I’ve partnered with Parabo to test out their new softcover photobook, which I am loving. In the past, I’ve tested out their prints, which became one of my favourites due to the quality and texture. Their prints are high quality, adorable, and perfect sized for any occasion. Personally, I like to hang my prints on my wall to showcase my memories or favourite shots in a physical form. So when Parabo asked if I wanted to try their new photobook, I was excited!

** Update, you can only create a softcover photobook on iOS or on the web. It has come to my attention those using Android cannot view this option on the app. Please try the web version and let me know if there are any questions! **

It’s quite simple, you download the app (if you don’t already have it) and scroll over to Photobooks. Under photobooks, you select “soft cover” which is usually $20.

You proceed along to where your images will be downloaded from your cameral roll, and you can choose 32 of those beautiful images to use. If you want to use any photos, make sure you have them saved to your camera roll or else you can’t upload them. Once you finished picking your favourite photos, you’ll be taken to a layout page where you can drag and move your photos around the way you like.

This is where your organization skills come into play, and your creativity. Each layout has 4 different choices for you to choose from. When you finish organizing your photos and layouts, and you’re content with the look… you proceed to check out! At the checkout page, there’ll be a little box for a coupon code for which you’ll enter “SANBK” and it’ll take off the cost of the book. Ta-da! All you have to do is fill out your shipping information and pay the $10 (or more depending on your order) shipping fee, and wait for this little gem to arrive in 7-10 business days. It honestly took a lot less for mine to arrive, so you could have it before the holidays!

A heads up, my code is only available for your FIRST photobook. You cannot use the code again to make another one for free, so use it wisely! I hope you enjoy the little book as much as I do, and have fun with the creative process. It’s simple and straight forward, so if you do have any questions, please feel free to ask me anytime.

As another gift for the holidays, you can have a set of 25 prints for free as well with my code “SANSQ“. This also only applies to your first order, and you’ll have to pay the shipping costs as well. Enjoy!


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