Protect Your Phone with a Stylish KaseMe!

Have you ever spent hours looking for the perfect phone case? I know I have. I’m not even ashamed to admit the time I spent trying to find the right one, because the truth is… our phones are an essential part of our day, a part of us. Our phones have become a part of us, there isn’t a time or day (besides sleeping), where my phone is away from me. I like to dress mine up with different cases and styles that represent who I am. The hardest part? Trying to find a case which is also affordable and sustainable, in the case there is an accident. 

I stumbled upon KaseMe, a small company located in Montreal providing stylish, sustainable and affordable cases. I fell in love with their designs (you’ll never stop scrolling their Insta feed!) immediately and my phone was aching for one. There were several designs on their website to which I loved and wanted, but I settled on the Marble on Marble. Marble has always been a favourite of mine, and if I was to choose between light/white marble or dark marble… I’d go with the dark with emerald green!

Upon placing my order with KaseMe, I was anxiously waiting for the little gem to arrive in the mail. It took approximately one week, since they are made into production as soon as you place your order. Be sure to double check all the details because it is custom made and you won’t be able to change any of it from a mistake!

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As a child opening a christmas present, I was excited when the small package arrived and I immediately took off my old phone case. The colours of the glossy case are extremely vibrant and stand out against majority of backgrounds, esepcially white ones. The material is tough (since I ordered tough instead of slim), and sturdy hard. I decided it was better to go with a sturdier material, as I’ve had a few accidents in the past and my slim cases have cracked. With my customizations, I chose Glossy instead of Matte and Tough instead of Slim. I have to note, the case was very difficult to put on at first, because the material was so brand new and stiff. When I eventually was successful tucking my phone into the case, it was snug and cozy in its new blanket. I love the feel of the case, and how stylish it is while also having protection.

You can view some of the FAQ on KaseMe’s website to answer further questions. I’m pleased with the quality, style and look of my brand new case which is perfect in time for the Holidays.

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Processed with VSCO with s2 preset


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