Pinterest adds a New Feature -“Showcase”Slideshow!

Pinterest has always been the hub where you can browse and save all things pretty, functional, or motivation to look back on later on. It’s extremely convenient to spend countless hours once you get started, especially saving recipes, gift ideas, fashion inspiration, and so much more. For those who aren’t a part of pinterest, it’s a collection of pins gathered to form different boards on your profile. You group your pins together based on a common theme (ex. food, quotes, recipes, workout, etc) and people can follow your board if they share the common interest. 

Lately, Pinterest has added the option to add a showcase slideshow to your very own profile. What does this mean? You can add up to five slides on your favourite boards that will stand out to whoever is looking at your profile before they even scroll down to look at your other boards. The slideshow introduces who you are as a person or brand to your potential followers, so they can gain an idea before proceeding ahead.


I find the idea quite interesting, and will be giving it a go. I haven’t decided on which five of my boards I feel screaming out at me to be displayed… so I went ahead with some of my favourites. My first board includes pins from my blog, second board is definitely coffee, then moving along to selfies with the stars, coming back to my favourite food and ending off with some inspiration.

How will you design your showcase? Let me know below or share on my social media platforms! (Insta: @sandiesque | twitter: @neverfallapart | fb: @sandiesque | Pinterest @neverfallapart)


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