A look into romance-thriller “Allied”.

Allied features star power, Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard which was quite anticipated due to the rumors around the film. It was the film that supposedly broke up #Brangelina, but from the onscreen romance… it was hard to tell. To shed some light on the plot of Allied..

During World War II, intelligence officer Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) is stationed in North Africa where he encounters French Resistance fighter Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard) on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Reunited in London, their relationship is threatened by the extreme pressures of the war.

The film focuses on the two of them and their romance in this romance thriller, but it fails to capture their chemistry as expected. Brad Pitt plays Commander Max Vatan, a Canadian SOE agent who is introduced parachuting into Morocco. He then meets up with French resistance contact Marianne Beasejour (Marion Cotillard) in Casablanca, and their mission is to pose as a married couple while they plot the assassination of a high-ranking Nazi. The film’s first act climaxes in a whirlwind of a sex scene and a brutal and splashy action sequence that represents the best 1-2 punch that the movie has to offer. It then continues to fall from then on… it’s not a surprise the two end up together, move to London and have a daughter together during the war. It was also shown on the trailer that Marianne is suspected to be a german spy, after all this time. Max is faced with the task of executing his own wife, if she is proven to be a german spy, or deal with the doubts that consume him during the three day waiting period.

Marianne suspects something is off with Max as he acts differently around and towards her. The rest of the film is quite like waiting for a bomb to go off. Does she find out? Is she a german spy? Will they pass this? The ending has a small twist (not much), and ended off the film as expected. There wasn’t much to deviate from, and the trailer spoke it all – in a condensed form. They meet each other, work together, fall in love, have a child, and in the end – was it real or fake?

The film does include old Holly wood classics and nice costumes, but it feels dragged on over a two hour period. Most of the film was already said and done, but as my first film in during the war period – it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. PS: I may be biased as it was a free advance screening, because I wouldn’t have imagined paying to watch this in theatre. It’s more of a film I’d stream when it’s available on netflix while staying in on a chilly night.

Rate: 2/5


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