#FantasticBeastsTO: Newt Scamander’s Suitcase lands in Toronto!

Something MAGICAL is coming to Toronto this week! Grab your wands and get ready to celebrate as #FantasticBeastsTO istaking over Yonge and Dundas Square on November 8th and 9th with a world exclusive fan exhibit. You won’t believe your eyes, when you see what magic is in store for next week!


Yonge & Dundas Square

On Tues November 8th at 4:30pm (which started at 6pm)—-Fans had the opportunity to experience the magic and see the stars (Eddie Redmayne, Ezra Miller, Alison Sudol, Katherine Waterston, and Dan Fogler) from the film walk a special red carpet opening the exhibit. Director David Yates, Producer David Heyman and actors Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol, Dan Fogler , Ezra Miller will be in attendance.

My friend and I arrived early in the morning around 9:30am in hopes to catch the stars walk down the red carpet and also to watch the setup of the exhibit. It was a chilly start to the day without much sun, but with lots of hope and excitement… we were ready for the event! The turnout was less than we had expected since it was at Toronto’s busiest intersection and also a widely advertised event (online wise), but started getting busier later in the afternoon as time drew closer to the expected start time at 4:30pm. While we waited on the side of the carpet for hours and hours, time passed fairly quicker than expected and soon it was almost 4pm. We watched as staff and crew moved around non-stop carrying equipment, setting up and trying to perfect every small detail before the event. It was expected to rain in the afternoon at 4pm, but with the sky not looking too cloudy, we had some hope…. until right before 4pm it started to rain. Light drizzle started to fall upon us while we were all waiting and the crowd continued to gather.

2016-11-08 22.13.41.jpgMy friend had her Gryffindor blanket to keep warm earlier during the day, to now was our umbrella as none of us planned on bringing one. The rain continued to fall, fans continued to be anxious by the second as the time kept ticking. Press and media from all the different radio stations, tv networks and more came out to take their place on the press line shortly after. Time kept passing by and there wasn’t an update until an hour later at 5:30pm that they’d be here in minutes, which turned to ten, twenty and more-so minutes. At some point, we were all exhausted and cold from the rain, waiting patiently for someone to arrive.

It wasn’t until 6pm when cars started pulling up and fans started screaming at their favourite celebrities arriving. As I was in the corner of the carpet, I couldn’t see the side they were coming out of, but heard cheers and screaming of the various names. The rain still didn’t let up, so with one hand on the umbrella (the kind woman next to me lend us her extra one) to keep us dry, and the other with my Newt Scamander SCE pop and sharpie, I was feeling the excitement rush back.

2016-11-08-17-57-07As I waited for someone to walk down the carpet and continue onto our side, the first few to arrive was David Yates, David Heyman, Katherine Waterston and Dan Fogler. I didn’t capture any photos since my phone was inside my pocket during this time due to the ‘no extra hand’ situation. I ended up closing my umbrella and hoping the light spitting rain wouldn’t ruin the pop.

Next up was Alison Sudol who was beautiful in the pink outfit she had on!

She was nice and all smiles for the fans. Each of them had their own sharpie and braved the cold rain to take the time and interact! Alison sort of reminded me of Margot Robbie in the hairstyle and her facial expressions! She continued down the line and made her way into the press tent for some interviews.

The next person to arrive at our area was Eddie himself! The man I’ve been waiting for to see again. I met Eddie last year (2015 TIFF) when he was here promoting The Danish Girl! Just like last time, Eddie was being rushed by his handler again but still managed to stop quickly for a few photos. I tried my best to take this group selfie with my newly made friends next to me, but with the rain and the struggle, it turned out not too shabby?


Eddie quickly made his way to the press line shortly after and had tons of interviews to get through which led only Ezra Miller to go. I loved how Ezra was still at the BEGINNING of the carpet, since he was taking his time with the fans and enjoying every second of it. He stopped for EVERYONE who wanted to meet him, talk to him, and take a photo. He was so cute and so happy, I haven’t seen someone who has the same amount of positive energy and fun like he did in a while. I was thankful Ezra took his time, so I could put some things away and have another free hand.


By the time Ezra made his way over, his energy hasn’t changed at all. He was still smiling, talking, grabbing people’s phone to take selfies (esp the big group selfies where he took a bunch!) and all around being him. He’s such a people person, and he was one I definitely wanted to meet this time around. His handler was standing off to the side with the security letting him do his own thing. Ezra even went to the other side of the barricade where other fans were and took photos there! It took him a while but he eventually managed to make his way to the press line.

The crowd started dispersing as the cast made it’s way through press and into the exhibit for more photos and reception. My friends and I hung around a little longer to organize our stuff and to catch some warmth from the heaters that were placed around the carpet area. It was nice to have those around for sure! The nice lady who worked at the event came over to my us, since we were pretty much the only ones left and gave us some advice on what was going to happen next. The cast still had 20 – 30 mins of press to do, maybe even less… and then head inside for photos which would take 5 minutes and jet right over to the airport and fly out by 8! It was such a tight schedule considering it was almost halfway pass 6pm by that time. Who knew it was only half an hour since the event started but it felt much longer.

2016-11-08-18-37-49-1We stuck around and caught Eddie again before he was leaving, and said bye to the remaining cast as they hopped in and rushed right to the airport!

It was still raining by the end of the event, which was horrid but at least the man (in my photo you can see, lol!) lent me his umbrella to borrow while waiting at the end. I was still at it with one hand umbrella, other hand phone. I was very fortunate during this time I had one blanket and two umbrellas to borrow to shield myself from the rain that came down during the three hours! Next time, I think I might just prepare myself with the umbrella even if it the sky doesn’t look like it’s going to rain!

Lastly, another nice lady who worked at the event let my friends and I onto the red carpet to take some group photos before we left since she knew we were there since the early morning! She was nice enough to let us in and the WB staff and herself helped us out 🙂


You can view more photos and videos of the cast at the red carpet event on my entertainment instagram (@neverfallaprt) as I slowly upload them during the day! 


On Weds November 9th from 10am-9pm—-Free for all nomjas, muggles and wizards! Fans will be able to step inside Newt’s iconic suitcase and enter an immersive magical environment where they will be able to see costumes and props from the production, participate in exciting activations including VR and gaming demos , win exciting prizes and purchase advance tickets to see the film in IMAX.

Be one of the first to arrive in your wizard inspired costume on both days for your chance to receive a collectable wand. (Note: There was only one given out to the first person who arrived on Nov 8th. Haven’t seen or heard anything about the wands after that, although we tried to ask someone in charge.)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Themwill be released on Friday, November 18, 2016!

You can view more photos and videos of the cast at the red carpet event on my entertainment instagram (@neverfallaprt) as I slowly upload them during the day! 


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