Martha Stewart’s Toronto Book Signing!

Martha Stewart celebrated the launch of Martha Stewart bedding at Hudson Bay the previous week on Tuesday, October 4th. The event consisted of  a book signing of Martha’s 87th cookbook, Vegetables when you spend $60 or more on Martha Stewart products between October 1 – 4th at The Bay (online or in stores). While quantities last, but there were a ton of books around the area.


The book signing was held on the 6th floor of the queen street west location of Hudson Bay and was filled with product displays of Martha as well as her cookbooks. I arrived during my lunch break on the day of the 4th to give it a chance as I’ve been debating whether to attend the event or not. When I browsed around Martha’s products, I decided on the Flamingo bed sheets which were 40% off and perfect to meet the $60 requirement. As soon as I purchased my product and received my free cookbook, I headed over to the display and line to inquire more information on later that day. I was eligible to receiving a wristband which would guarantee a place in line for an autograph when I arrived later. (First priority than those who didn’t have one). As I was early, I was the 7th person to receive a wristband and came back later in the day for the event.


Rushing over to the event after work, there was already a long line formed waiting to see Martha. I was thankful I decided to bring my receipt as they were checking (again) while waiting in line. Since I had the yellow wristband, I moved up towards the front but there was still a good number of individuals in front of me.


The event started on time and Martha talked a bit about her new bedding line as well as her cookbook, which was the 87th. As the line slowly moved, Martha was taking the time to talk to each individual as well as personalize each book with the person’s name. There were staff from Hudson Bay standing around the area taking your belongings AND phone as you weren’t allowed to bring it into the area when it was your turn to talk to Martha. It was quite strict.

2016-10-04-17-30-31-2Martha was nice and chill when it was my turn. She asked for my name for the personalization and started talking about people and diversity while signing. She went on about how she loves the different people around the world in Toronto, just like New York. Unfortunately I couldn’t hear well while I was up there talking to her so I didn’t want to sound dumb – just nodded and said generics. Would have loved to tell her she was a badass!

After your signing, you were given your belongings and turned around to exit. We were able to stand around the side to take a few pics and catch more glimpses. Martha went through her whole line which was quite long and I believed stayed later than the event intended as she still had another 50 people to go through by 6pm.

You can read more about Martha’s visit to Hudson Bay on her official website. 


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