World Premiere of “Kim’s Convenience”, Canada’s first TV sitcom led by Asian actors!

If you’re in Toronto, I’m sure you’ve seen posters and billboards for a brand new tv sitcom called “Kim’s Convenience” and wondered what it was. Am I right? I know I have!

Kim’s Convenience is Canada’s first TV sitcom led by Asian Actors consisting of Paul Lee, Jean Yoon, Andrea Bang, Simu Liu, Andrew Phung and more. Kim’s Convenience is originally an acclaimed play by Ins Choi from a few years ago and will now be a 13 episode tv sitcom airing Tuesday nights starting OCTOBER 11TH at 9pm on CBC Network.


I was fortunate to win passes to attend the World Premiere of “Kim’s Convenience” the other night where the first two episodes of the sitcom will be aired for the very first time followed by a star studded Q&A session with the whole cast. I must say, after premiering the first two episodes, I fell in love with the sitcom. It reminded me to a similar sitcom, “Fresh Off the Boat” but it brought as much laughter and joy as possible. It was a hysterical one hour that you never wanted to end. I truly enjoyed the first two episodes and cannot wait to watch more.  Do yourself a favour when it comes out, to give it a shot! You won’t regret it, unless you don’t like having a good time.

Upon finishing the first two episodes, there was a Q&A with the full cast and creator, Ins Choice for about 20 minutes answering some tough questions!


After the star studded Q&A, we were offered snacks and drinks at the reception where the talent, network execs, guests and everyone else mingled and enjoyed the rest of the night. I loved the little spring rolls they offered the most, but there was also sushi, shrimp, chicken, vegetarian spring rolls and more. As the night came to an end, I was fortunate to let each of the talent (besides Andrea Bang who plays Janet) know what a wonderful job they did.

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There was also a tote bag and a pack of mints as a souvenir with the logo, Kim’s Convenience to take away. It was a wonderful night, my first time attending a World Premiere, which felt more like a Canadian upfront experience! #okseeyou


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