[Food] Poke Guys

If you’ve been following my posts on Instagram, twitter and Facebook you’ll know how obsessed I’ve been with Poke lately! As mentioned in a previous post, Poke is… raw fish seasoned with some combination of salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, chilies, seaweed and wasabi.

Poke has been the latest trend to hit Toronto with several Poke stores opening around the city. For this review, I visited Poke Guys which is near the Eaton Center and City Hall. At Poke Guys, you can create your own DIY bowl or order one of the six pre-set bowls they had available.

The pricing for the bowls are as follow:

  • DIY Regular: $9
  • DIY Large: $12.50
  • Pre-set Regular: $10
  • Pre-set Large: $13.50

You can also straight up order Poke by itself in a small or large bowl to avoid any carbs, toppings, etc. They have an assortment of Poke including:

  1. Classic Shoyu Salmon
  2. Spicy Shoyu Salmon
  3. Honey ginger Salmon
  4. Yuzu Salmon
  5. Classic Shoyu Ahi Tuna
  6. Spicy Shoyu Ahi Tuna
  7. Yuzu Ahi Tuna

If you were to choose one of the pre-set bowls, it comes with different toppings to fit your mood and cravings. Taken from the Poke Guys website, here are their pre-set bowls to choose from.


It is a lot cheaper to order the pre-set bowl because of all the toppings they come with, whereas DIY bowls cost $0.50 per topping (avocado $1). The first time I ordered, I had no clue what to get so I decided to DIY. I ended up getting the PG bowl because the lady there thought that was my order and not a DIY. It ended up to be cheaper than DIY-ing my own bowl but I wasn’t a fan of half the ingredients that came in the PG bowl.


The PG bowl wasn’t as bad as I imagined, but I did skip out on the kimchi and pickled red ginger as I was definitely not a fan of those. I added seaweed salad to my bowl for an extra $0.50 as that was one topping I had really wanted. The large portion of the bowl was extremely filling and I’m surprised my friend had finished his large cali bowl. I would recommend ordering the small as I had no idea how much there actually was in a large. The taste of the shoyu salmon was delicious and paired perfectly with the rice and toppings (fried onions, seaweed salad, corn, etc). I only wish there was more rice as it felt like there wasn’t enough to help balance out the saltiness of the shoyu. I had already skipped out on the sauce portion as well, so I can’t imagine how strong it would have been if I had chosen one.


The second time I came back, within two days… I had ordered a small Cali bowl. This time I was smarter in choosing a pre-set bowl with majority of the ingredients I liked. In the Cali bowl, there was a mixture of salmon and ahi tuna, so I was able to have both fish! Toppings included crab meat, masago, sliced avocados, pickled red ginger and white rice with sesame seeds. I decided to forgo the crab meat and substitute for pineapples and seaweed salad since those two toppings were my favorite on the menu and I wasn’t much a fan of crab anyways. With the Cali bowl, I believe you get the most value because you get two premium toppings (avocado and crab meat slaw) which would usually be $1 extra each.

Even though I had ordered a small this time, the bowl was extremely filling. You truly do get a lot of value for the price paid ($10 + tax = $11.30). From the cali bowl, I couldn’t quite taste the tuna as well as I did with the salmon. The salmon flavours stood out and had a fresh taste with great texture. One spoonful of avocado, rice, fish and pineapples was the perfect mixture for me as I was able to taste mushiness, chewiness, a hint of sweetness, and some saltiness all in one bite. I think I had found my perfect bowl for my every order!

Rate: 4.5/5

Reason: I truly love Poke Guys and believe it’s one of the best Poke joints the city has to offer. The price is reasonable, $10 for a small and you receive a lot of ingredients and value for your meal. The best part is the customization and the wide variety of toppings and garnishes available. I love the fact a small bowl is extremely filling, unlike other places that leave you hungry after a while. The ingredients are fresh, tasty, and make it a tasty meal!  Can’t get enough of this poke, will definitely be back soon. The one thing to note is that the place isn’t quite big so there aren’t many tables available. Both times I went, it was packed and there was a long line but I was lucky someone was leaving as well.


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