[Food] Jamie’s Italian Restaurant

I shall attempt to express my greatest disappointment on the meal and service I received at the Yorkdale location. It was extremely over hyped when the restaurant first opened outside of Yorkdale mall.

I didn’t have high expectations, but also did not expect for the experience to be as it happened. Jamie’s Italian Restaurant is an italian restaurant as you can tell. From my love for Italian food and previous experiences at a variety of Italian restaurants around the city, I had a fair expectation on what to expect from a named brand. 


The restaurant was two story and had nice rustic decor that made up majority of the layout. There was also a nice fancy marble bar on the first floor. When we arrived, we were led to the second floor at a two person table with a view overlooking the open area downstairs.


After skimming through the menu, I decided to go with the prawn linguine that had:

  • Fried garlicky prawns, fennel, tomatoes, chilli, saffron, fish broth & arugula

and the Fresh Crab Spaghetti:

  • With garlic, capers, chilli, fennel, parsley, anchovies, lemon & olive oil

also the garlic bread…..

  • With oozy garlic & herb butter


The food started arriving fairly quick after we placed our order. The service received from the waiter wasn’t quite friendly. He rarely smiled nor make us feel welcomed during the whole time we were there. He also never checked up on how the food was when it arrived, AND he didn’t bring our pasta dishes to us either. There was another random guy who came to our table to drop off the dishes.

The garlic bread to my surprised was not what I expected at all. I expected your traditional garlic bread that was big, fluffy and had substance to chew on whereas the one that was placed in front of us was a flatbread. It was four slices of flatbread with some rosemary and a ton of oily butter. I wasn’t pleased at all as my craving and hopes of having delicious garlic bread was not what I wanted or imagined. It was pricey for $7 and was incredibly SALTY.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

The pastas arrived shortly after and wasn’t fancy nor had a nice presentation. My prawn linguine looked sort of plain in my opinion, and the crab spaghetti rarely had any crab in it for the price you pay. These two pastas were definitely not worth the price paid in terms of quality or quantity. The only thing that was good about it was the pasta, which tasted different from other restaurants.  The prawn linguine had strong flavours whereas the crab spaghetti was on the more blander side. Also to note, the prawn linguine was lighter than your usual pastas which I liked, as it didn’t make me feel regret for having Italian food again. The one thing I noticed was, even though I don’t eat cheese… the waiter did NOT come over and over grated cheese onto our pastas, whereas he did for other customers.  The lack of service from the waiter was noted throughout the whole meal, and reflected in the tip as possible.

Rate: 2/5

Reason: Not a fan of the restaurant at all especially for the price of food received. The quality and quantity is relatively low and not worth it in general, you could get a lot better Italian food for less elsewhere. The place has a nice setting, pleasant view and decor. The service needless to say was nonexistent and makes up 50% of the experience. Don’t think I’ll be visiting anytime soon.

Have you tried Jamie’s Italian? If so, share what you ordered below and with us on social media platforms! 


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