Tips for surviving off Student Budgets!

Are you a struggling university/college student returning to school for another school year? Do you find yourself trying to keep within a student budget while juggling between expenses for books, foods, entertainment and more? Does it all feel so overwhelming, like it’s crashing down all at once? Then you may want to continue reading….

We all know funding your university/college education is an expensive process over 4 or more years, and you’ll need to properly budget yourself and manage your finances in order to make the best out of your experience! You’ll want to ensure you make the most of your journey, minimize unnecessary expenses and have a great time.

I definitely knew about taking advantage of all the scholarships and bursaries the school offers for students as you may not know, majority of the students  (may) ‘know’ about it, but no one truly applies. This leaves you to be a shoe in for the possibility of free money, who doesn’t like free money? Spend some time and go through each scholarship and bursary available as there are specific criteria you must meet. You’ll want to ensure applying to every one of them that you’re eligible for!

If you’re in Ontario, you can also apply for OSAP (which you have to pay back in the future, obviously). You don’t have to worry about it for a few years at least, and you can use the money provided from the government to help cover half to majority of your yearly tuition. From my past experience, my OSAP funds ranged quite outstandingly depending on how you fill our your application and the changing factors that are taken into consideration.

Another tip is if you’re planning to live in residence on campus during your journey, then you should look at other alternatives besides on campus as it is typically more expensive. From my experience, it is also more feasible if you avoid the mandatory meal plan (that may come with living in residence!) and choose another place. If you save on that portion and buy your own food, it might even be half the cost. This will also ensure your possibility to eat healthier, win-win!

I wish I knew about this savings guide.. There are also helpful resources you can find online. This student savings guide offers some helpful tips, and even offers a student contest prize pack. You can also look for opportunities online, such as awards and contests, like this one.

The contest started on September 7th, and it will run until September the 23rd. (Better get your entries IN! You won’t want to miss this chance to win some amazing prizes to enhance your upcoming school year.)

Do you have any tips you’d like to share from your past experience on how to save some costs while attending university/college? Share below with us and on social media platforms!


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