[Food] Jamie’s Italian Restaurant

I shall attempt to express my greatest disappointment on the meal and service I received at the Yorkdale location. It was extremely over hyped when the restaurant first opened outside of Yorkdale mall. I didn't have high expectations, but also did not expect for the experience to be as it happened. Jamie's Italian Restaurant is an … Continue reading [Food] Jamie’s Italian Restaurant


[FOOD] Calii Love Co.

Where are all my health nuts at?! Listen up, you won’t want to miss this! For all my health conscious fanatics and coffee enthusiasts, a new place has opened up on King Street West, a little west of Blue Jays/Peter Street. Calii Love has (finally) opened recently this week during the last few days of … Continue reading [FOOD] Calii Love Co.

TIFF 2016 Roundup: The Year (Sandi’s favourite) Talents don’t show!

Y’know it’s that time of the year again in September when the crazies, the hounds, the fans, and everyone else comes out… MERRY TIFFMAS. TIFF is probably one of the most, if not THE most stressful event of the year for everyone. TIFF is a time when all your favourite celebrities and talent come to … Continue reading TIFF 2016 Roundup: The Year (Sandi’s favourite) Talents don’t show!