Conviction Season 1 Filming commences!

It’s not a surprise that Conviction has started filming season 1 in Toronto as they filmed their pilot here as well earlier on in the year! A while back, I mentioned meeting Hayley Atwell when she was filming the last day of the pilot and got my Agent Carter funko pop signed, but couldn’t get a photo as the weather wasn’t on my side.

A quick synopsis of the show that’s available online is as follows:

Lawyer and former First Daughter Hayes Morrison is blackmailed into heading the new Conviction Integrity Unit in New York City, which re-examines cases where there is credible suspicion of wrongful conviction.

The show places the city as New York and focuses on legal architectures or public outings which is why I shouldn’t have been surprised when I ran into them filming during my lunch break the other day. Hayley Atwell and Eddie Cahill was filming an outdoor ‘press’ type of scene as she was in the audience where Eddie was on the podium giving a speech. From other standbyers, they’ve been setting up the scene 3 hours before I arrived and were almost done their scene (which did not take long).

July 29th 2016 | Hayley Atwell and Eddie Cahill filming season 1 of conviction.

A video posted by Sandi 💁🏻 (@neverfallaprt) on Jul 28, 2016 at 2:17pm PDT


Hayley was in a bright red top with a black blazer and black pants, looking beautiful and smart. Unfortunately she wasn’t in the best of moods or was just too busy filming, thus I couldn’t get my photo that I was hoping for. Filming the particular scene wrapped in 15 – 20 minutes, which was the quickest I’ve seen in the past. Hayley and Eddie both left immediately and wasn’t seen afterwards whereas the extras were hanging around the area to be transported to their next location.

July 29th 2016 | Hayley Atwell and Eddie Cahill filming season 1 of conviction.

A photo posted by Sandi 💁🏻 (@neverfallaprt) on Jul 28, 2016 at 9:09pm PDT


The next day, I so happened to walk by their filming of another scene during lunch (LOL.) I was walking with my friend to grab some lunch, and came across a ton of trailers and equipment all over the streets and intersection. At first, I had no idea what it was but it looked like such a huge production with the amount of commotion it was causing, especially at lunch time! Afterwards, I found out it was Conviction as I finished my lunch and was heading back to the office. Managed to catch a glimpse of Merrin Dungey who was the focus on the scene, and later on during the day – Shawn Ashmore, who was filming on a rooftop patio.

July 29th 2016 | Merrin Dungey and Shawn Ashmore filming season 1 of conviction.

A photo posted by Sandi 💁🏻 (@neverfallaprt) on Jul 29, 2016 at 8:04pm PDT


Since the production is transforming the city into ‘new york’, there are a lot of new york vehicles such as NYC taxis, NYC news truck, etc. It had 100% of the bystanders confused with Suits, lol! Since Suits always films around the area and is also based in New York, everyone assumed instantly it was Suits and had no idea it was Conviction. Since Conviction had recently started filming, I’m hoping I can catch them a few more times before they’re done for the season. I’m quite excited for the series as the genre is my cup of tea and Hayley is one of my favourite actresses. Hopefully next time she’ll be able to stop for a quick second.

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