Food: Eat Flock

Ding ding ding! Another healthy restaurant has opened a “flagship” in the financial district of the downtown core. Some of you may already have heard of Eat Flock, which has locations on Adelaide West and Harbord street. The first time I was introduced to Eat Flock was from Meghan Markle’s posts (Instagram/twitter), where she frequently visits. For some odd reason, I’ve never ventured to one of the two locations until their new location at Richmond Street West opened.

I headed over shortly after their opening to check out what they were offering and what differentiated the place compared to so many others!

Meet The Flockers

Handcrafted by The Harbord Room’s Cory Vitiello, FLOCK is delicious food that’s pretty good for you. Whether you’re looking for a speedy take-out option, or a casual dine-in spot, FLOCK is a quality, healthy, and easy choice because it offers fresh ingredients, customizable options, and is a one-stop rotisserie and greens spot for one or the whole family.

Oh, and our chickens? They’re naturally raised without hormones or antibiotics. So, there.

When arriving at the store front, there was a small line right inside where the cashier was. I admired the menu boards which were placed high up and sort of had an idea of what I wanted to try anyways. I’ve seen photos of the pulled chicken sandwich, so I had my heart set on that even though there were many other tasty options! Ordering the sandwich by itself, the total came to be around $10 with change, which is similar to the price of Hero Burger. After ordering, I shifted to the right where the open kitchen was to watch them make the sandwich! There were about 5 sandwiches in front of the lady who started making them at the same time.

The colours of the various ingredients brought together life of the sandwich and made it stand out on its own. It was wrapped up in blue paper when finished and tucked into a nice little brown box. Many of the seats were already taken by business individuals working in the financial district, but luckily a table had just freed up.

As I carefully took out the package and admired my sandwich, I noticed how the colours flowed through and how it not only brought life but also texture to the creation.

The first bite I took was too small for the sandwich itself, so I mainly tasted the buttermilk bun WHICH IS DELICIOUS. I live for these buttermilk buns. Absolutely the best buns a sandwich/burger can have to start. The next bite contained more of the ingredients such as the avocado, horseradish and pulled chicken. The horse radish was bright red, which I absolutely loved…. BUT…. I didn’t realize how much it would affect my nose throughout each bite. The more I ate, the more it started stinging up my nose until it was so hard to breathe. It also brought a sharp ting of spiciness in a way. For someone like myself, I don’t eat spices, wasabi, or even the spices from Mexican food because it’s too much for me. So, it may sound like I’m exaggerating but the sandwich got to a point where my nose was burning on fire and I had to pluck out all the lovely red horseradish. This left my sandwich with a red mark inside in the absence of all that I plucked. With half a sandwich left, I managed to pull through and finish it… barely.

My nose was stuffy from being sick, but at the end I was able to breathe again. I loved the sandwich because of the textures and flavours. If you have all the ingredients that was meant to be inside, your mouth will be overwhelmed with crunchiness from the lettuce, softness from the avocado, chewiness from the pulled chicken, soft buttermilk buns and also nose-consuming radish. It’s like a pradise and warzone all in one (as taken from Zayn’s pillowtalk).

Rate: 3.5/5

Reason: I’ve never tasted a sandwich like the one I had. It was delicious, flavorful and healthy to a point. I would love to come back and try something else next time around. The only con was the pulled chicken was a bit too dry and chewy for myself. It seemed a bit dehydrated and left your mouth a tad thirsty.


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