Shhh! Silk is the beauty secret you’ve been searching for!

As many may know, sleeping on silk allows your hair to glide smoothly along the pillowcase reducing hair breakage, split ends and frizzy bed hair. Many hairdressers recommend to sleep on silk to prolong the life of their blow dry. This ties into why I had to showcase Shhh! Silk and their lovely silk pillowcases because … Continue reading Shhh! Silk is the beauty secret you’ve been searching for!


Food: Momofuku Daisho

Time: 25 minutes for food Seating: Instant Deciding what to eat: approx. 10 mins Eating: 15 minutes One of my birthday week lunches was at Momofuku Daisho with a few other friends from university. I was interested in trying this place because I’ve seen photos from it, and also heard it was quite delicious. I’ve … Continue reading Food: Momofuku Daisho

2016 Canadian Screen Awards #Fanzone

As someone from Canada, we should be celebrating the brilliant Canadian talent that we have who produce exciting and thrilling Canadian film ,television and digital media. The CANADIAN SCREEN AWARDS celebrate Canadian productions and talent who excel in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes in Canadian film, television and digital media. The 2016 CANADIAN SCREEN … Continue reading 2016 Canadian Screen Awards #Fanzone